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mission statement


We at Recken Press are creators who live multiplicitous lives. We eagerly seek the company of other artists who likewise fall between and across the boundaries of genre and medium. Recken Press was birthed specifically to create, cultivate, and curate pieces that play into or against expectations of the form writing may take. We aim to engage readers in interactions less tangible than experiential. 

We value encounters that take place in the liminal space between the reader and the page, unconfined by the objects of their presentation. We foster an environment of collaboration, welcoming both artists with fully realized intermedia works as well as those who wish to re-imagine an existing piece in a more multifaceted form.

In German, “recken” means “to stretch, to draw out.” At Recken Press, we look to stretch our creative limbs and draw ourselves continually toward unknown bounds, into the expanded field of poetry and writing.


Meet the Co-founders



I am most interested in creating with a focus on layers of transparency in both subject matter and in form. Versioning is a huge part of my work, which often finds itself composed of a spectrum of mediums to create transmedia atmospheres that may house and blend and piece out various literary, visual, and auditory forms. Many of my endeavors center around exploring the fact that words are but a part of the greater language of communication, searching for ways to engage and invite interaction with that which cannot or will not rely on the written word alone, leading to pieces that are active in both their creation and their ingestion. 



I believe writing constraints can push us further. I follow a long line of experimental, confessional poets and writers who find their strength in limitation and I am drawn to writing that puts its own twist on established forms. My work tends to be mosaic in nature, shunning the form of the written page, and begging to be engaged with in any way that is non-linear. In each thing I make, I create equal space at the table for magic, the uncanny, nonsense, and nuance to have a voice in my work.

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