Meet the Co-Founder: Jenn

Everything I project as a writer and artist should have a disclaimer in the name of transparency: I’m not the type of writer who’s been writing all my life. I have very little background in poetry and higher forms of art as writing. And, I’ve only just begun telling people, publicly, that I am a writer. This is important because knowing this about myself, and being honest about it, really allows me to change my mindset from “create” to “play” when it comes to writing as art. 

I began my writing journey by playing with haiku, which lead to memoir, which lead to mixing forms, tweaking them, layering them, and combining them to create something new. At the moment, my poetry dabbles in word/form manipulation, and bending boundaries to see how far I can push prose before it becomes poetry or how far I can push poetry before it becomes prose. Ultimately, I’m searching for if a story or narrative or moment will still make any sense by the time I’m done Frankenstein-ing it. I’m constantly putting unlike things together to see if they can create meaning. I think the general literary community calls this “experimental writing” or “the expanded field”. Whatever it is, it’s fun and it feels like home. 

I could talk for days on how much I love working with, and believe in, writing constraints as a gateway to inspirations, the muse, genius, etc… If boundary pushing is my home, constrained writing is my winter vacation spot.