Meet the Co-Founder: Jacq

I, as a human being, consider myself to be something of a mosaic. That sounds far more pretentious than I intended it to be. I'm basically a loose collection of pieces of would be artists, and I just try to put all those segments together to make a larger, more cohesive entity. My creations usually represent this. I'm part photographer, part writer, part actor, musician, singer, and digital artist. It's becoming progressively harder for me to categorize myself solely as any one of these things.

Everything about me comes in bits and pieces, fractures and fragments. I cycle through my focuses routinely, finding myself vacillating between these multitudinous interests and seeking new and engaging ways to blend them. I grow disinterested in projects easily, so it's useful for me to have a couple handfuls of things going at once to bounce back and forth between. I enjoy having different stages of a work to develop and different versions of that work that result. I like to create large and layered works using a carefully curated assortment of smaller, simpler materials, be they of the same medium or of varied forms.

I like to create something of a mosaic.

I'm of the mind that, in one way or another, everything we make is autobiographical. In my most complicated and intricate creations, I see the truest expression of myself.